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Become a transport partner now and secure freight orders online with SLYNX.

With our SLYNX freight market, as a carrier you can easily accept and execute transport orders.

There are numerous advantages for you before, during and after transportation.

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High order utilization

We arrange attractive transport orders for you to minimize empty runs.

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Fair conditions

Our free SLYNX transportation marketplace offers you fair prices for every journey.

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Fast payment

After delivery, you will receive your payment quickly and easily in the form of a credit note.

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Less paperwork

With our app, all documents can simply be photographed and uploaded – done!

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Complete information

You can see all the necessary information about the orders in the SLYNX Driver App and via our freight market.

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Personal support

Our customer service will be happy to take care of you and your concerns by email and telephone.

Become a successful transport partner with SLYNX

Use our freight market to obtain transportation orders and transport deliveries.

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Register on our free transportation marketplace and secure orders.

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Download the SLYNX Driver App and receive all information paperless.

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Execute transportation orders and upload important documents.

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Receive payment for the transportation orders quickly and easily.

The SLYNX freight exchange explained in detail

registration on our SLYNX freight market as a transporter

We know that time is money.

Create a free profile on our freight exchange within a few minutes. We need information about your company and the contact person as well as your UID to ensure the quality of our transport partners.

add vehicles as a transporter for our transportation marketplace SLYNX

And what do you drive?

To become a transport partner, the second step is to create your vehicles (if available). You can add various vehicles of the Caddy, panel van or curtainsider types. Finally, enter at least one carrier.

needed documents for our transportation marketplace slynx as a transporter

Payment: As fast as your vehicle.

To complete your registration on our freight exchange SLYNX, we need the following documents: insurance documents, EU license and business registration. Your bank details enable us to receive payment quickly.

See your transportation orders on our freight market slynx

Everything at a glance.

In the transport order overview, you can see all orders that have been accepted by you. All key data of the transport orders are clearly displayed, including the transport status.

see your order details with freight market SLYNX

Simple? We can.

Further information on the load and the carrier can be viewed via Details, as well as pick-up and delivery details. It is also possible to upload delivery receipts and retrieve documents that have already been uploaded.

The SLYNX Driver App explained in detail

see order information in detail as a transporter in our SLYNX driver app

Just don’t lose track.

In the SLYNX Driver app, carriers are informed about new orders and have all the information at a glance. The driver confirms the current transport status with a swipe (right swipe) and is guided through the process.

see order details of your transports as a carrier in our driver app

Freight documents misplaced? Impossible.

Order processing is completed quickly thanks to the simple process and allows you to view important shipping documents such as delivery bills or consignment notes with just one click.

Collect signatures by sender, transporter and receiver via our driver app

An autograph please.

The signatures required to confirm loading or receipt of the shipment can be made directly on your smartphone. This saves time and paper.

upload shipping documents easily with our SLYNX Driver App

Off to work with one click.

After transportation, take a photo of all the important shipping documents in the SLYNX Driver app and complete your order with a single click. Payment is made within a few days.

Filter suiting auctions in our app as a transporter

No more empty runs.

To use your capacities as efficiently as possible, look for new transport orders directly in the app. Use our filter function by address and time – on your smartphone or via the platform.

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what our customers say

“SLYNX is an intuitive and easy-to-understand transportation platform. It’s practical that all the information is attached directly to the order. I can find all the information quickly and easily, which saves time.”
“SLYNX offers a good alternative to the other platforms!”
“The design of the portal and the user interface are very appealing.”
“I’m pleased that payment works quickly and easily without a lot of paper.”
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Do you still have questions?

Does it cost me anything to use the platform or app?

The SLYNX platform and app are free of charge for all users. You can log in or register on our platform here. The app for drivers is regularly available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store  

Can I accept transport orders directly after registering?

Our team will check your details and necessary proof, and you will be able to accept transport orders after approximately one to two days.

What documents do I need to register on the platform?

As a carrier, you must upload your freight damage liability insurance, EU license and business registration (HR excerpt).

How quickly will I receive my payment?

As a carrier, you will receive a credit note within 14 days of submitting the proof of delivery via upload.

Why do I need the app?

The driver needs our SLYNX Driver app to carry out the transport orders. With the app, the driver has all the information at a glance, records signatures and simply photographs all the necessary delivery documents. New orders can also be accepted in the app, thus minimizing empty runs. The app is a prerequisite for good cooperation with SLYNX. We therefore deduct 10% of the payment if it is not used.

Is SLYNX a good fit for my company?

We organize both transports that need to take place as early as possible as well as long-term planned transports. Please contact our customer service team via mail or phone +49 7041 804 6633 to find out how you can benefit from us.

How do I receive transport orders from SLYNX?

You have the option of viewing current orders via the platform or the app and submitting your offer with just one click. You will receive possible suitable suggestions for orders from us.

How is the delivery of the goods documented?

Pick-up and delivery confirmations are issued physically and digitally. To complete the order, photos of the shipping documents must be uploaded using the app. These can be viewed later in the profile area.

Why do I have to upload the documents for my transport company before I can register on your platform?

There are legal framework conditions for EU-wide transports that must be complied with. Certain documents must also be available for this.

Is it mandatory to use the app?

Yes, in order to be a successful SLYNX transport partner, drivers must use the SLYNX Driver App. We use the app to ensure that processes run smoothly and that quality remains high. If the app is not used, we have to deduct 10% of the payment.

Is the app available in several languages?

The SLYNX Driver app is available in five languages: German, English, Polish, Romanian and Czech.

What happens to my data?

When processing your personal data, we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Upon request, your data stored by us will be completely deleted from our systems.

I have questions! Who can I contact?

Our customer service team will be happy to answer any unclear questions promptly and help with any difficulties. You can reach us as follows:   
Telephone: +49 7041 804 663