Use SLYNX to secure orders online
and use vehicles to capacity.

Always on the right track with SLYNX.

Use many benefits before, during and after the transport.

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Guaranteed order capacity utilisation

Thanks to automated and intelligent matching of goods and loading space.

Fair conditions

Thanks to SLYNX being free to use and prices that all parties are comfortable with.

Quick payment

Directly after confirmation with just one click.

High cost savings

Thanks to our digitised process with the SLYNX app.

Complete information

At all times, all of the information required for the orders on your smart phone an via the platform.

Direct support

For simple communication, including automatic translation.

Three steps to successful transport

SLYNX makes you a successful transport partner. Receive orders and transport consignments.

Download the app and register

Secure orders and begin the trip

Invoice with one click and get your money

The SLYNX platform in detail

All important steps around the transport quickly explained.

Register on the SLYNX platform and have your profile verified.

Secure the right order with a click and coordinate your transports.

The SLYNX Driver App is linked to this process and means further processes can be taken care of from your phone without any problems.

Empty runs? Not with SLYNX. With the SLYNX platform and the SLYNX Driver App you can have an insight on the freight market. Simply filter according to address or time, enter requirement and start tour.

That’s how easy the SLYNX Driver App is

Now accept a transport job locally and set off straight away.

The SLYNX app in detail

All important steps around the transport quickly explained.

In the SLYNX Driver App you are informed about new orders and have all of the information in one place. Accept the order with one click and you can set off straight away.

The order is quickly taken care of with the simple process and, with one click, enables you to view important shipping documents, such as the delivery note or consignment note.

Signatures to confirm loading or receipt of the shipment can be done directly on the smart phone. That saves time and money.

No more annoying paperwork. After the transport, you photograph all of the important shipping documents in the SLYNX Driver App and receive the payment with one click.

No more empty runs. Thanks to SLYNX, you can find the right order straight away, simply filter according to address or time and send the request immediately.

First voices of our test users

„SLYNX is an intuitive and easy to understand transport platform. It’s practical that all information is directly attached to the order. I can find all the information quickly and easily, which saves time.“
„SLYNX is a good alternative to other platforms!“
„The design of the portal and the user guidance are very attractive.“
„I love the fact that I don’t have to write any more invoices, but rather everything is taken care of with credits.“

Become even more successful and safeguard your future with special and express deliveries.

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Do you still have questions?

How do I register?

Go to the registration page and create a free user account.

Can I accept transport orders immediately after registering?

SLYNX will check your details and any proof required, such as a valid EU licence, extract from the Commercial Register and insurance, and then you can start straight away.

How do I get orders from SLYNX?

Via the platform or the app you can see current SLYNX orders and submit your quote with a click. We suggest you via the platform and app for orders that are suitable for you.

Where can I download the app?

The app is available for free download in the Google PlayStore and the AppStore.

Are there any instructions for using the app?

Yes, we have instructions for using the app.

How is delivery of the goods documented?

Collection and delivery confirmations are physical and digital. To close the order, photos of the freight papers have to be uploaded using the app.

How and when will I be paid?

As soon as the freight documents have been uploaded to the app by the driver, you will receive a credit from SLYNX.

Does it cost me anything to use the platform or the app?

Use of the platform or the app is free of charge to all users.

Do I have a direct contact?

Yes, the SLYNX team is available in person for any questions from Monday to Friday from 07:00-17:00. You can reach us by e-mail, telephone or using the contact form.