SLYNX is …

a digital shipper for special trips and express logistics.

As a spin-off of CRAISS Generation Logistics, SLYNX offers a unique mix of innovation and experience, start-up and history, digital DNA and logistical knowledge. It all started with the in-house development of an online platform for processing orders and transports in the field of special trips and express logistics.

The first success made us want more. A company dedicated to logistics specialists of the next generation. A digital solution for all involved in the supply chain. From the sender, via the shipper and transporter, right up to the recipient. With its own platform and app, customised to the users concerned.


We believe in a future where logistics is simple and efficient.


Our mission is to offer a digital solution for special logistical requirements and needs that simplifies processes and speeds up transports.


In the field of special trips and express logistics, we want to bring digitization a good step forward in order to…

  • Make using logistics easier for senders,
  • Offer resources and flexibility to shippers
  • And guarantee good capacity utilisation and prompt payment to transporters.


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